Saan Tayo? (Doon Thai and Asian Fusion Cuisine)

Saan Tayo? (Doon Thai and Asian Fusion Cuisine)

One warm Friday evening, a bunch of my friends from my church group drove to Taft in order to discuss a few matters. Our friend Janine's family put up a restaurant next to their house that serves Thai and other Asian-inspired fare. Aptly called Doon or "there", the place really seems like a great answer to the very common question that students from the surrounding schools must constantly have in my for each other: "saan tayo kakain?" or where do we eat? Rich and well-executed flavors meet very reasonable pricing for the student bodies that surround Doon. It's a blink and you'll miss it kind of place; found in a street inside Dominga nearing P. Ocampo. The evening set a great ambiance for our dinner. It's perfect for winding down the night and heeding to a craving that isn't fast food. Its quaint outdoor seating venerates a sort of "come as you are" welcome that I really appreciated. 

You can check out bits of our visit there in the video below.

I am a sucker for family-run restaurants, having had one ourselves in the early 2010s. I couldn't help myself but swing inside their kitchen. Everything about it screamed home kitchen, I loved it.


A personal favorite was getting a bit of their salad and just wrapping a piece from their plate of ribs (shown below) and pandan chicken with it. 


Truly a testament to just how good of an experience this place was is the mere fact that I didn't really take much photographs during our visit; the food was flying from the serving plates and into our dining plates faster than I could compose a shot. I in turn decided to just let the energy of the table engross me and set my camera aside after a few shots and shooting a bit of footage. I'm not a food blogger, if I may repeat.

I spent many good years in Taft; that night I added another quality evening in its streets.

Doon Thai and Asian Fusion Cuisine can be found at 936 Dolores St. Manila, Philippines. They're open from Mondays - Saturdays 10:00AM until 9:30PM
Call them at (02) 562 4068 and check out their Facebook page here.

*This dinner experience was not sponsored by the establishment and all insights above are based only from my own experience.*