Lakeside (Kainan Sa Tabing-Lawa)

I moved to what I presumed was Pasig in 2002. And that's how I went about with my life, thinking I was a resident of the city neither really in the north nor the south of our metropolis. We were from the East. Imagine my surprise when I found out while registering for the 2010 Elections that while I technically entered my village in Pasig, I was geographically residing in Rizal... a province that sounded so far from everything when I was little. Older, wiser and having been automotive for the past decade or so, I have since ventured into Rizal on numerous occasions. Mostly these trips were overnight stays in some rented property with friends or hikes up Rizal's mountainous areas to satisfy the need to get fresh cold air in the mornings and decompress from the clutters of the city.

We , a few of the Albertos, delved into Rizal for another reason last week. One close to an Alberto's heart. We came to feast.

The family was commemorating my cousin Geline's 28th birthday. I found it odd to have to go all the way to Rizal to have lunch at a place called Kaninan sa Tabing-Lawa or the "Eatery Next To A Lake". I literally had never heard of it so color me sceptical. In our family, we plan to skip breakfasts from time to time in order to make room for a very hearty meal further down the day. This never really flew well with me but heck, I just told myself that there has to be a decent reason to this madness so on we rolled.



Our drive up there was rather pleasant, I drove my uncle and cousin in my car blasting good tunes and sharing the most random stories while the other members of our family were dispersed into two other cars. After what seemed like an hour or so of hunger pain, Waze led me to my destination that didn't seem like much from the outside. It was in the middle of Nowhereland next to a lake. It looked very much like a house. If I didn't inspect the venue, I would have written it off as a random house at first glance.

Oh boy was I wrong. This place packs a mean punch. You can check it out in the video below.

Being the lame person that I am, I once again allowed my appetite to distract me from shooting more photos. If I am to continue featuring places that I eat here, I have to have the presence of mind to shoot my heart out before eating to my heart's content. This meal was blur. Food just kept coming. The menu is familiar, unassuming but most importantly, done well. Kainan sa Tabing-Lawa, through our various orders, has synthesized in me a new plated favorite. I took their laing and mixed it in their rice. That smooth, creamy-yet-spicy taste paired so well with the other component of my lunch. Liempo. Liempo will always be loved in my family and I witnessed just how fast a plate of it can disappear when placed in front of the right people. Those plates didn't stand a chance. Oh, and that sisig. Good lord.


Overall, I was very satisfied with everything we devoured. Service could have been a little better, as there were times I felt utterly ignored and boxed out by one of the servers but heck, I came into this not expecting anything.

If ever you find yourself for whatever reason in Rizal, don't sleep on Kainan sa Tabing-Lawa as a meal option. Their signage says they've been at this since 1967 so here's to hoping they keep at it even more.


Kaninan sa Tabing-Lawa can be found at the end of Lakeshore Drive, Tanay, Rizal, Philippines. They are open Mondays to Sundays from 7:00AM until 10:00PM
You can reach them at 09152653972 and check out their Facebook page here.

*This lunch experience was not sponsored by the establishment and all insights above are based only from my own experience.*