Nico Nuyda

Driver Turned Diver

Nico Nuyda
Driver Turned Diver

With the ebb and flow of life, I have found myself not really in any position to blog since the last entry slated in October of last year, the career has kept me full in tasks. Today, I find a pocket of time to put this up as I’ve been trying to write about this particular experience.

Here we go.


Those who find themselves dwelling in the city might find this familiar.

  • Wake up

  • Get Dressed

  • Go to Work

  • Grind the Day Out

  • Go Home

  • Dress Down

  • Repeat

Then throw in a few meals here and there in addition to a general pondering of what else is there to do beyond the daily routine; I think that’s a very spot-on illustration of a person of my generation and stand in life. The hustle is real but it can be taxing. I needed a little break.

Oh and what a perfect time for my phone to ring.

My sister Nikki reached out a few weeks ago if I was doing anything on a particular Saturday. She was checking if I could drive her and her friends down to Anilao in Batangas early in the morning to try scuba diving. Knowing my plans on that day didn’t shape up to being anything, I happily said yes.

Now, I’ve been to the area various times to go to Mt. Gulugod-Baboy and enjoy the ridge’s views of the sea but I had never ventured into the water herself. Not out of fear, I just never really gave it two thoughts. My sister asked me various times if I wanted to join her and her friends but I was resigned to just wait in the shore and take a few photos of the water while waiting for them to come back from the

The night before the dive, Nikki gave me a call with an ultimatum. Circumstances standing the way they were, there was a slot that vacated and she asked me one last time. I took the opportunity finally to try something new.

And off we went a few hours later. Before we knew it, we touched down by the beach. I was able to catch up with a few of Nikki’s friends I knew since they were in grade school on our two-hour drive. It baffles me still to this day that they’re working now, getting married, moving away to other countries and such. Time sure flies.


Nikki and her friends chanced upon PamAnilao and Padoy’s Dive Camp online; I feel, for whatever reason they decided to go with them, that they made a good choice. I just loved it the experience with them. We were briefed on the very basics and essentials of the gear and protocols underwater. We were lent wetsuits and flippers. I opted to just dive in my light pants and rashguard because I wanted to feel the cold water underneath the surface. I was assured that this was perfectly okay.


Before we left, I made sure that my Stanley had enough water for the boat trip. The irony of being dehydrated when you’re surrounded by literally the sea didn’t escape me but you know how saltwater straight up dries you up… My Classic vacuum bottle holds a liter so I was pretty confident that dehydration was nothing for me to worry about.


Soon enough, we boarded a bangka with Sam (who I mistook as “Pam” of “PamAnilao" because she was the one who received us after parking and gave us a rundown of what to do during), Kuya Alvin and a few other boatmen.


The day was perfect in my opinion for what we were about to do. The Sun was up but enough clouds had bunched together moseying along for coverage here and there so it wasn’t too intense.


The ride to the dive spot was quick. Soon enough we were jumping off from the bangka into open waters.


Sam and Alvin were our dive teachers so we went two at a time. I went last just to be sure that the youngblood experienced the dive first. Alas this is where my photos of the experience ends. None of my Nikon cameras are waterproof and dive-ready. But I think this is where Nikki and Friends really made the right choice in who to dive with. Sam had a waterproof camera on hand so she snapped us up underwater!


The world below the surface took my breath away. No pun intended. Every time I turned my head, another new thing I’ve only seen on TV or the Internet was right in front of me.

I regret not being able to take photographs myself. I need to go back.

I’ve seen what’s below and I absolutely loved it.

That Saturday was something I was expecting but I am so glad that things turned out the way they did. Very very grateful for my sister and her friends that they let me tag along.


We started the day at like 5AM and we finished our dive at around 1:30PM so you could figure that we were hungry as hell. I decided to bring the kids to Johanna’s in Bauan. Whenever I am in the area, no fail it is my go-to spot to grab a bite.

It’s a quaint place off the main road that seats quite a bit of people as they have a bunch of dining areas, both indoors and al fresco.

I go here really just for one thing. Learn it. Thank me later.

JD’s Platter.


No words. So you get this rack of ribs whose meat I kid you not falls right off the bone. You get a hefty sausage, they have options for you like Kielbasa, Hungarian, etc. Ask. I went for the Hungarian this time around. Fries could have been bigger but it’s cool. I liked the corn too. I needed a cup of rice to go with this because I am A.) a Filipino and B.) starved from all the driving and diving I did prior.

Overall, it was a good day. Here’s to more!

PamAnilao and Padoy’s Dive Camp can be found in Anilao Batangas
You can reach them at (0908) 863 1903 and check out their Facebook page 

Johanna’s Grille can be found in P. Burgos St. Bauan, Batangas. They are open on Mondays to Sundays from 8:00AM to 10:00PM
You can reach them at (043) 727 1304 and check out their Facebook page 

*This dive and lunch experiences were not sponsored by the establishments and all insights above are based only from my own experience.*